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The New 2024 Workshop Series!
Here's a Look Back At 2023

GWF Workshops
  On Two Pond Farm

  176 Weaver Road
  West Milford, NJ



What's It All About?

These workshops are designed to give you an inside look at the year long, seasonal process of living a farm to table lifestyle. We will provide you with the encouragement, support, and skills to start your gardening journey and/or take your garden and cooking skills to the next level.  

  • Each workshop will begin at 10AM with a light refreshment and meet and greet.

  • The sessions will be held in the farmhouse kitchen and gardens as appropriate to the season and class topics.

  • Hands-on experiences and a take- home gift that you will have made yourself.

  • A delicious, hearty, homemade lunch is included.

  • The workshops will end at 2:30PM unless otherwise noted.             

  • Cost: $100.00 per workshop. 

  • Class size is limited to 10, unless otherwise noted,. 

  • A $50 deposit is required - refundable up to two weeks prior to the workshop date.

About Us

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Starting An Organic Vegetable Garden

March 23rd

Let us get you started! Vegetable garden beginner basics:  sun, soil, water, fencing, planning, Q&A, and we will help you create your own garden layout plan 

Foraging and Pesto

June 8th

Eat Your Weeds - Many wild edibles will be identified, harvested, and prepared.  You’ll take home some pesto from plants you’ve harvested and prepared!

Pasta From Scratch

September 14th

We will make pasta dough and use it to make ravioli and pasta nests.  We will also gather produce from the garden to create a salad and sauce to enjoy with our homemade ravioli lunch!  Take home some pasta, too!


Saving and Starting

for Self-sufficiency

April 6th

 Learn all about seed saving, composting, and starting vegetables from seed.  Take home some of our saved seeds and a couple of pots of sowed seeds for your garden.

Take a Tour and Enjoy a Farm to Table Lunch

July 13th

You will take a walking and learning tour of the Growing With Food fields and Two Pond Farm. You will see and hear what we are all about!            A delicious and homemade lunch will be served to highlight the produce of the season!

Pumpkin Pies
From Scratch

October 26th

Make a pumpkin pie from start to finish.  From roasting and preparing the pumpkin, rendering lard, making the dough, preparing the custard, and finally baking a pie to take home.

Digging Deeper Into the Garden

May 11th

Take your garden to the next level with this workshop: companion planting and intercropping, succession gardening, crop rotation, and an in-depth look at building up the soil.  You’ll take home lots of information and your own started fermented plant syrup using nettles

Preserving the Harvest

August 24th

The gardens and markets are in full swing!  You will learn how to preserve using the water bath technique.  This is truly a hands-on experience and you will take home the canned goods you’ve made.

Put Your Garden to Bed
and Plant Garlic
November 16th
Learn how to get your garden ready to rest over the winter so that it is ready to work for you again in the Spring.  We will discuss all things garlic and plant garlic in prepared beds.




We'd love to have you join us!  
Please contact us to sign up for our workshops, payment options, or to request additional information.

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